Wakarusa Veterinary Hospital

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Veterinary Technician position available

Veterinary Technicians

We are looking for technicians who are self-starters and enjoy the challenges of veterinary medicine. We like to empower our technicians to do what they are trained to do. A job description can be as follows for a certified or registered veterinary technician:

Surgical: Administration of anesthetics, surgery site preparation as well as setting up the surgery suite. Sterilization of all surgical instruments. Perform all dental procedures including major extractions.

Diagnostics: Collection and preparation of blood, urine, and fecal samples for laboratory analysis, as well as skin scrapings, ear cytology, and fungal cultures. Measure for, set techniques, position and process all radiographs, both digital and traditional films.

Patient Care: Chart patient histories, treatments and TPR?

Medication: Administer medications, prepare IV fluids and fill prescriptions.

Respond to Emergency Calls and After Hours Care Rotation: Respond after business hours to check on overnight patients to ensure well-being and safety. Provide on-call technician support to veterinarians.

General office procedures: Accounting and book keeping, answering telephones, and general customer service to provide an all around pleasant experience for clientele.

Monitor entries for clinical trials (the blinded side); monitor, dispense, and account for the investigational drugs/ products. Participate in the actual data accumulation for clinical trials.


We often have volunteers who come and work with us to gain experience. Most if not all desire to become a veterinarian and are in college working on a degree. Volunteering is the best way to get exposure to a possible career choice. There is no obligation if one decides this is not a good choice. Again, most if not all volunteers are very good students. As a volunteer, one has the inside tract on job positions that pay before we look outside. In fact, every loyal and good volunteer has ended up being an employee. Part of our goal with volunteers is to expose them to the rigors of our profession before they make application for and attend veterinary school.